ANSI 12.60 for School Architects

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Appendix D Literature and References

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The following set of references are a sample of available literature on the topic of classroom acoustics:

Maryland State Department of Education: Classroom Acoustics Guidelines (2006)

National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities: Classroom Acoustics Resource List

Ceiling & Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA): Acoustics in Schools (Design Tool) in Schools_CISCA.pdf

“The effects of environmental and classroom noise on the academic attainments of primary school children”, Bridget M Shield1 and Julie E Dockrell, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 123 (1), January 2008.

“Effects of noise on academic achievement and classroom behavior”, Lukas, J.S., DuPree, R.B. and Swing, J.W.,  Office of Noise Control, Cal. Dept. of Health Services,  FHWA/CA/DOHS-81/01, Sept (1981).

“The effect of elevated train noise on reading ability.”, Bronzaft, A. and McCarthy, D. P., Environ. Behav. (7), 517–528, (1975).

“The effects of noise on children at school: a review”, Shield. B. and Dockrell, J. E.,  Build. Acoust. 10(2), 97–116 (2003).

Aircraft noise and children’s learning,” Jones, K. , Environmental Research and Consultancy Department, UK CAA, ERCD Report 0908. Feb.  (2010).

“Aircraft and road traffic noise and children’s cognition and health: a cross-national study”, Stansfield, S.A., Berglund, B., Clark, C. Lopez-Barrio, I., Fischer, P., Ohrstrom, E., Haines, M.M., Head, J., Hygge, S., van Kemp, I., and Berry, B.,  Lancet, Vol 365, June 4, (2005).

“Effects of Noise from Building Mechanical Systems on Elementary School Student Achievement”,  Ronsse, L., and Wang, L. ASHRAE Transactions, Volume 116, Part 2.(need confirmation)


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