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The Contemporary “Smart” Classroom and its Tools and Equipment

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Smart ClassroomToday’s classrooms often include a variety of Audio Visual equipment including video projectors, smart boards, monitors, and even desktop computers for each student.

Today’s lecture halls support student laptops, rather than steno pads for note taking.

All of this equipment increases Air Conditioning loads, leading to larger chillers with louder motors and bigger fans.

And each piece of equipment often contains a motor or cooling fan which alone may be quiet, but which collectively can become overpowering.

Typical solutions are to utilize higher absorption ceiling tile (NRC>0.9), wall panels, carpets, and open office dividers with absorptive surfaces.   HVAC (mechanical) noise is held to the same standard as  other classrooms,  with additional attention to surface flow rates over the supply registers and return grills.


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August 3, 2009 at 7:52 pm

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