ANSI 12.60 for School Architects

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Changes in Teaching Tools and Technology

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filmstrip canisters

Filmstrips and overhead projectors have graduated to ‘smartboards’ and video. Student laptops, digital (overhead) projectors, and desktop computers all employ cooling fans; add in cell phones, ipods, lighting ballasts, motors, and mechanical equipment for a classroom cacophony from electronic teaching aids.

Control of in-classroom sound buildup is achieved through the use of absorption on the ceiling and walls, and with any groupings of  sources such as computer stations, localized absorption is recommended.  Line of sight barriers between the source and listener such as absorptive open-office barriers can be employed.  Additional information is in Clause 5.5 of the ANSI standard.

Technology also includes sound amplification; for classrooms up to 50,000 ft3, a properly room designed classroom usually does not warrant amplification except for video, recorded audio or internet presentations. There are benefits to employing amplified sound such as saving a teacher’s voice, or temporarily overcoming background noise issues. However, it is important to recognize that without FIRST addressing the background noise and room acoustics first, amplification can create new problems (see section in this bookletbrochure on amplification).

overhead projector


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