ANSI 12.60 for School Architects

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As a Final Check, Examine the Envelope for “Leaks”

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Exterior wall mass plays an important role in acoustical control with respect to limiting background noise from external sources such as traffic, aircraft, schoolyard play, etc.  High-efficiency doors and windows with well-maintained seals do as much to control sound comfort as they do to control temperature comfort. As remarked earlier, the inclusion of a poorly (acoustics) designed door or window can compromise the isolation integrity of the (wall) construction.  Combining mass layers with an air space in between can reduce costs and improve effectiveness.  Laminated and double glazed windows and insulated, weather stripped doors can lower heat gain AND reduce transmission of background noise


Floor/Slab and Floor/ceiling assemblies can be re-thought to reduce impact sound.  Hanging drywall ceilings with resilient clips or using spring suspended acoustical tile ceilings have a positive effect on reducing impact noise from floors above. And of course, HVAC equipment must never be placed directly over teaching spaces and must always be installed with vibration curbs to limit vibration and direct sound transmission through structural elements including beams, columns and bar joists. The ducting can be suspended with isolation hangers as needed.

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Weather stripping, caulking, and gasketing are inexpensive and highly effective mitigations for both air and noise infiltration. It is important to note that all constructions should be caulked and sealed along all edges for the best isolation performance. Think airtight.  Also all hollow window and door frames are potential shortcuts or “flanking paths” for sound, and should be insulated or grouted as needed.  Certain high performance windows take this into consideration already.


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